What must I do for libquvi in F16

Nicoleau Fabien nicoleau.fabien at gmail.com
Sat Dec 3 15:32:38 UTC 2011

I'm quvi's packager. I have a problem with F16. Here is the situation :

- F15 provides quvi (the libquvi, the scripts, and the executable file) 
0.2.16.X : the "legacy" version, still maintained

- F16 provides quvi (the libquvi, the scripts, and the executable file) 
0.2.19 : not maintained anymore. It has been replaced by libquvi 0.4.x 
when F16 has been released

- rawhide provides libquvi 0.4.0, libquvi-scripts 0.4.2 and quvi 0.4.1, 
3 different packages. : the new version, that has replaced 0.2.19 branche.

So now, F15 and rawhide both have a maintained version, but F16 provides 
a quvi that is not maintained. Problems will appear because the websites 
handeled by libquvi often change.

I thought at first to downgrade the F16 version, from 0.2.19 to 0.2.16 
version, instead of backporting 0.4.x to F16 to not force a package 
rebuild for dependancies, because of the package split. But 0.2.16, 
0.2.19 and 0.4.x have different .so version, so a rebuild will be forced 
in both cases.

There are 3 or 4 packages that need to be rebuilded. It has been done in 
rawhide, with no problem (only one package needed a patch, provided by 
upstream, to compile with libquvi 0.4).

My question is : what must I do ? backport 0.4.x ? downgrade to 0.2.16 ? 
keep 0.2.19 ?

I can rebuild all the dependancies. I just need help to be sure of what 
to do, check, etc .... I'm not really confortable with this situation.


Fabien Nicoleau

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