policy-question: auto-restart of services on update

Reindl Harald h.reindl at thelounge.net
Sat Dec 3 21:38:11 UTC 2011

is it really a good decision to restart services after update in
the %post section?

currently my hardest work is rebuild packages without this especially
for dist-upgrades with "yum" because in this case many would fail because
they are restarted in the middle of the transaction and not all deps are

one of the biggest benefits of linux is that you can update a running application
this is currently degraded

especially in the case of mysql

mind a machine where postfix, dovecot, dbmail... are relying on mysqld
the automatic restart of mysqld causes a lot of troubles if oyu are not
stop all the other services before

and yes, it makes sense run updates to a "human time" and restart the
services later at night, the first task can be automated if the applications
are not stopped what currently happepns

i would be really thanful if this changes would be reverted
earlier fedira releases were totally uncritical making a dist-upgrade
at night and even reboot the next day while you can relaxed drive
to your company if something goes wrong - not funny in the night!

i think a good comprimise would be a hint with the restart-command
but not do this automatic to help some "desktop novice users" ehat
is not meant as rant - it is my exierience of the last two years

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