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Kevin Kofler kevin.kofler at chello.at
Mon Dec 5 07:40:32 UTC 2011

Toshio Kuratomi wrote:
> Is kappfinder just using the .desktop format to keep its own database?

Kappfinder is a relict from ancient times where KDE apps would only register 
themselves in KDE menus, GNOME apps would only register themselves in GNOME 
menus, and everything else would usually do neither (or in some cases it 
would attempt to register in one or both of the menus, with varying 
success). In that era, it made sense for KDE (*) to go and look for 
installed applications with no menu entries, adding them to the menu as it 
found them. Thanks to freedesktop.org, those times are long gone.

What kappfinder did was that it searched for installed applications it had a 
.desktop file for, and if found (without a menu entry already present), 
installed that .desktop file in the menu. Note that none of those 
applications were actually part of kdebase, only the .desktop files were. 
Those .desktop files would only be installed into the actual menu if the 
application was actually found on the system at runtime.

As this no longer makes any sense in the current freedesktop.org times, 
kappfinder was discontinued by upstream and removed from the KDE Software 
Compilation. Thus, you won't find it in current Fedora releases anymore.

        Kevin Kofler

(*) Yes, the software was called just "KDE" back then.

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