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Schwickerath Ulrich ulrich.schwickerath at
Wed Dec 7 14:27:03 UTC 2011


> I'm an upstream OpenNebula developer, and it's nice to hear that
> you've been packaging Ruby gems required by the OpenNebula package.
> Currently I've been working with Shawn Starr (CC) on the OpenNebula
> package, and for the moment the issue has been mostly with Ruby gems
> dependencies, so they're sure to come in handy.
Yes, indeed. I went through this in autumn. We have ONE3.0 up and running on an SL(C)6  box. For that I had to package some gems which 
were at the time not provided upstream yet. I compiled a list of the gems which I have on this server, which I put here:
I do not know how useful this list is. 

> This is the feature page in's site:

> We will update it this weekend as we will have an open packaging
> meeting at #opennebula in Freenode (which of course you're more than
> welcome to join if you please) to reflect the status of all the Ruby
> gems dependencies.
Who else is working on this ? The gems I have may require a bit of work to make them compliant with the packaging policies. Also, at least for 
one, I could not use the latest upstream version, and it was indeed not actually required. 
> It would be great if you could complete the wiki page with any
> information you consider relevant.
I cannot promise that I will have time to join the meeting during the week end. 

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