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Jayson Vaughn vaughn.jayson at
Wed Dec 7 16:44:42 UTC 2011

Hello developers/packagers,

My name is Jayson Vaughn.  I'm a member of the Fedora QA team
(proventesters) and Fedora bugzapper team.
Now, I am very interested and willing to assist with RPM packaging or
package maintenance.

I am a professional systems engineer and currently work for Rent-A-Center.
I have been using Linux since I was a wee lad back in 1994.  I have been
using Fedora since it's inception.
I have written and contributed to several projects using Ruby, Python, and

To get started I would like to have a python application I wrote included
in Fedora's repos.  The application is called "Cover Grabber".  Basically,
if supplied a directory as an argument, cover grabber will recursively
traverse a directory of media files (such as mp3) and proceed to download
album cover art from LastFM.  Cover Grabber helps immensely if you have
hundreds or even thousands of directories of Music.

Here is the bugzilla link for the package review:

Since this is my first time to package an application for Fedora, I am
requesting a sponsor.

I am usually always idling on freenode under the nick thedonvaughn.

Thanks all and I look forward to contributing!

Jayson Vaughn <vaughn.jayson at>
GnuPG: 10D06AB4
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