MATE desktop environment (GNOME 2 fork)

Eric Smith eric at
Fri Dec 9 07:03:30 UTC 2011

Peter Lemenkov wrote:
 > I'd rather help others with transition to Gnome3, as some active 
members of our local
 > community (Russian Fedora) does.

I've spent months trying to get used to Gnome 3, and had lots of help 
from various people, and I still can't stand it.  Yes, I know that there 
are people that like Gnome 3, but I'm not one of them.  
Gnome-shell-frippery helps, but isn't enough.

I tried switching to Xfce, and found it to be a lot better than Gnome 3, 
but it was still missing a lot of things I'm accustomed to in Gnome 2.

I'm not trying to start another advocacy thread.  I'm just trying to 
package up an alternative for people like me who liked Gnome 2 better.


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