MATE desktop environment (GNOME 2 fork)

Christoph Wickert christoph.wickert at
Fri Dec 9 09:43:07 UTC 2011

Am Donnerstag, den 08.12.2011, 19:50 -0800 schrieb Eric Smith:
> I've submitted review requests for the first two packages for the MATE 
> desktop environment, mate-doc-utils and mate-corba.  MATE is a fork of 
> GNOME 2.  

MATE is just replacing "gnome" with "mate" everywhere, whether or not it
was necessary.  We'd need to re-evaluate this on a distro level and
build against the gnome-* packages where possible, otherwise we
duplicating system libraries.  This is a no-go and forbidden by

This really worries me because I don't think that MATE well maintained
and will be able to deal with security issues or bugfixes in a timely

> Would anyone like to see the MATE desktop environment as an official 
> feature of Fedora 17 or Fedora 18?

Although I am no friend of GNOME 3, I don't think MATE should become an
official feature: Advertising it as a feature looks backwards and we
currently don't know where MATE is going.  I'm not even sure it will
still be alive by F18.


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