Fedora 16 Beta on Power ready for testing!

Phil Knirsch pknirsch at redhat.com
Fri Dec 9 12:50:38 UTC 2011

Long time in the making, but at long last after 6 weeks of hard work the 
Fedora Secondary Arch Team for Power finally managed to get the Fedora 
16 Beta release done!

Available from mirrors now here:


under releases/test/16-Beta/

or directly from here:


A lot of the issues we still had for Alpha have been fixed since then. 
The most noticeable ones are:

  * Firefox-8 works now on 32bit and 64bit out of the box
  * Gnome3 Desktop no more segfaulting
  * Qt4 not segfaulting all of KDE anymore
  * Various anaconda issues (serial console, garbled fonts to name a few)
  * Filesystem encryption password check working now
  * Numerous rebuild failures

More details about this Beta release can be found here:


and we do have an official release announcement as well here:


I want to thank everyone involved in making this happen, it's been a
pretty long stretch with quite a few hurdles, but we finally got the
first big milestone done towards the goal to get a Fedora 16 on Power out.

We're working full steam now to get GA done by 21. of December.

As usual, the whole team can typically be found on the #fedora-ppc IRC
channel on FreeNode and via our email list:


And we have our Secondary Arch wiki with (decently) updated information:


Thanks & regards, Phil

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