libpng mass rebuild status, 2011-12-06

Tom Callaway tcallawa at
Fri Dec 9 19:05:08 UTC 2011

On 12/06/2011 12:17 PM, Adam Jackson wrote:

> amanith-0.3-17.fc16.src.rpm
> freewrl-1.22.12-0.3.pre2.fc17.src.rpm
> irrlicht-1.7.2-8.fc17.src.rpm
> tkimg-1.4-4.fc17.src.rpm
> xloadimage-4.1-6.fc16.src.rpm

All of these are fixed now in rawhide and properly link to -lpng15
(freewrl also required that I fix xulrunner). Almost all of them were
just using hardcoded -lpng calls, which I replaced with calls to either
pkg-config or libpng-config. tkimg required quite a bit more, but it's
done, and I can go back to pretending it doesn't exist for another year.

I think that's all of my packages in this list.


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