libbluray soname bump

Xavier Bachelot xavier at
Sun Dec 11 12:01:11 UTC 2011


libbluray has made its first official release a few days ago. The soname 
was bumped to 1.0.0 just before the release, in order to make sure it's 
incompatible with older snapshots they have produced. The snapshots I've 
made and packaged for Fedora are compatible with the release, so 
Fedora/RPM Fusion packages should be fine after a simple rebuild.

I would like to have a clean start with this library and have the 
updated package pushed to devel, but also to all currently active 
releases ( F-16, F-15 and EL-6), despite the soname breakage. Now that 
upstream is ready to push releases, I think it will be easier to keep 
the package in good shape if we follow them.

Affected packages are as follow :

For F17 and F16 :
gvfs    (fedora)
mplayer (rpmfusion-free)
xbmc    (rpmfusion-free)

For F15 :
mplayer (rpmfusion-free)
xbmc    (rpmfusion-free)

EL-6 doesn't have any affected package.

Please let me know if you're ok with that, and I'll proceed with the 
builds and the build overrides request.


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