Summary/Minutes from today's FESCO meeting (2011-12-12 at 1800 UTC)

Toshio Kuratomi a.badger at
Mon Dec 12 21:22:06 UTC 2011

On Mon, Dec 12, 2011 at 10:47:53PM +0200, Ville Skyttä wrote:
> On 12/12/2011 10:29 PM, Stephen Gallagher wrote:
> > Patches should never be in the lookaside cache, because
> > it is very difficult to view them.
> IMO if that'd be a consideration, the lookaside cache shouldn't really
> exist at all, everything should be in git instead.
To some extent I agree with both sgallagh's sentiment and the logical
conclusion you're drawing.  However, I think the lookaside cache is
a necessary optimization/compromise to the ideal of putting everything into
version control, though.  Current technology would make it prohibitive in
terms of packager time (and for some packages, space on developer's
machines) to put tarballs into git as the cloned repository would then
contain every single new tarball the package ever had.

So I think for me, lookaside isn't there to separate data from upstream from
data generated by Fedora -- it's there to supplement the SCM when a file is
not suitable for direct inclusion into the SCM.

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