A change in Fedora's policy regarding Public Domain

Tom Callaway tcallawa at redhat.com
Wed Dec 14 21:15:40 UTC 2011

In consultation with Red Hat Legal and the Fedora Board, I have
implemented a chance to Fedora's policy regarding software marked as
being in the Public Domain. The new policy is as follows:


Works which are clearly marked as being in the Public Domain, and for
which no evidence is known to contradict this statement, are treated in
Fedora as being in the Public Domain, on the grounds that the intentions
of the original creator are reflected by such a use, even if due to
regional issues, it may not have been possible for the original creator
to fully abandon all of their their copyrights on the work and place it
fully into the Public Domain. If you believe that a work in Fedora which
is marked as being in the Public Domain is actually available under a
copyright license, please inform us of this fact with details, and we
will immediately investigate the claim.


The wiki home for this new policy is here:

This policy is effective immediately. If you have had a package rejected
by Fedora because it was in the Public Domain and we were unable to
determine the validity of the Public Domain declaration, the declaration
was deemed to be incomplete, or there were jurisdictional issues with
the declaration, please feel free to open new package reviews or contact
legal at fedoraproject.org to lift any FE-Legal blocks.

If you have questions about this change in policy, feel free to email me
directly or send a mail to the Fedora Legal mailing list
<legal at lists.fedoraproject.org> (note: it is moderated and gets a metric
ton of spam, so I probably won't see it if you're not subscribed).



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