yp tools for LDAP users

Mark R Bannister mark at proseconsulting.co.uk
Fri Dec 16 09:37:10 UTC 2011


I've written a Perl script and some supporting configuration files that allow you
to continue to use ypwhich, ypcat and ypmatch in an environment where your NIS
maps are actually coming through LDAP with the RFC2307 schema.  Your requests are
converted into the appropriate ldapsearch queries on-the-fly, and the results
converted back to the expected format:


The arguments and output from my replacement tools are designed to be fully
compatible with the NIS originals.

This is useful for us as it means our legacy scripts that use the yp tools can
continue to be used in an LDAP environment with no changes required.

Are you interested in including this functionality in Fedora?  I've had one
request for this already.

Best regards,

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