Please help do simulation build of two packages (xneur and gxneur)

Pavel Alexeev (aka Pahan-Hubbitus) forum at
Sun Dec 18 17:29:57 UTC 2011

Hello, All.

I'm have two packages: xneur and gxneur. Second is just GUI fronted for 
first. In major view it act only as GUI to write config for the xneur 
daemon and just restart it to reload config.

As it do not interact via library and just through config file gxneur 
package depends from xneur with full version dependency.

Now I have problem building two packages and pushes into stable branches 
- to build gxneur I need waiting until xneur go through testing and will 
be pushed to stable. Sometimes, when karma can't be fast reached it 
spent 2 weeks. It looks in that period for users what "something broken".

I see fer ways to resolve it:
1) Each time I want update it request by ticket build-tag from fesco and 
deal with it. I think it is not easy and best way.
2) Place 2 sources into one src.rpm package and build 2 sub-packages. As 
for both I have one upstream author I think it is not a problem.

The first main question may be I just does not known and now we have 
some way build override to build two packages serial and then also push 
it for updates without create separate tag?
If so, please drop me a link how it may be accomplished.

For second case I also have some questions if I make decision to fusion 
that packages say into one xneur:
2.1) Must I retire both or only gxneur?
2.2) Must I go through review process again or may just build new package?
2.3) Is there anything policy or guidelines for merging two packages?
With best wishes, Pavel Alexeev (aka Pahan-Hubbitus). For fast contact 
with me use jabber: Hubbitus at

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