Review swaps

Jerry James loganjerry at
Tue Dec 20 21:27:07 UTC 2011

I need reviews for the following:

This is used by the theorem prover Isabelle, which I still hope to see
in Fedora some day.

This is a package rename review.  The original package,
python-polybori, ships the C++ and Python interfaces in the same
package.  The package is being renamed to facilitate splitting the C++
and Python interfaces into separate packages.

This is one of the components of SAGE.  The GAP "packages" will have
to be handled separately, as they have a multitude of upstreams, and
there are licensing questions about many of them.  I have packaged one
(, but we need GAP
itself first....

Let me know what I can review for you.  Thanks,
Jerry James

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