Canonical Will Remove Java From Ubuntu

Frank Murphy frankly3d at
Thu Dec 22 10:52:13 UTC 2011

On 22/12/11 10:41, Paul Howarth wrote:
> At $WORKPLACE I use a Java app (via javaws) - EMC NetWorker Management
> Console - that won't work with OpenJDK (it pops up a username/password
> window as expected but doesn't then pop up the main app window once the
> username+password have been entered), whilst it does work with
> Sun/Oracle java 6 and 7. I would much rather use OpenJDK but I haven't
> a clue how to track down what the problem is, knowing next to nothing
> about java.
> Paul.

You would need to see what classes are imported.
They are probably specific to Oracle JDK.
Usually the top lines in a *.java src.

In order to get the same functionality,
someone would need to implement that in a
"lets not get sued class"


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