telepathy sunshine

Julian Sikorski belegdol at
Fri Dec 30 12:33:17 UTC 2011

Dear list,

I would like to announce that I will be orphaning, and possibly
retiring, telepathy-sunshine. Due to [1] I was unable to use it for
months and as such am probably not the best maintainer.
As explained by the upstream, the development is on hold and the whole
plugin considered for dropping for the following reasons:
* lack of support from telepathy team as well as
* telepathy-python upstream being dead
* lack of time for a C rewrite
In case someone decides to pick up the maintenance, keep in mind that
coding the fixes themselves might be necessary.
To make things worse, -haze is useless with gadu-gadu network due to
[2], and thus pidgin, kadu or other clients need to be used with that
particular network.



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