Problem building mono-2.10 under rawhide

Paul F. Johnson paul at
Thu Feb 3 23:47:14 UTC 2011


I'm currently packaging Mono-2.10 RC2 for rawhide but have hit a snag
and I'm not sure if it's Fedora or mono, so I'm seeking advice.

The error I'm getting is

make[8]: Entering directory
MCS     [basic] gacutil.exe
Inconsistency detected by dl-deps.c: 623: _dl_map_object_deps:
Assertion `nlist > 1' failed!
make[8]: *** [../../class/lib/basic/gacutil.exe] Error 127

I'm building on my 64 bit box and have installed the latest (3rd Feb
2011) set of updates, so I'm using gcc-4.6.0-0.5

Any help would be appreciated in tracking this one down


Vertraue mir, ich weiss, was ich mache...

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