boost 1.46.0

Rex Dieter rdieter at
Fri Feb 4 13:59:42 UTC 2011

Petr Machata wrote:

> beta of boost-1.46.0 was released recently and packaged yesterday.  It's
> now in the git, and a scratch build[2] was done.  This is in preparation
> for final release that should be out on 7th, just before the feature
> freeze.  Providing boost-1.46.0 is one of features of F15[1].
> I'm in the process of test-driving a couple packages locally to make
> sure that the new boost works.  If that turns out well, I'll do a
> non-scratch build of boost-1.46.0-0.beta1 later today.

repoquery --archlist=src --repoid=rawhide-source -q \
  --whatrequires boost-devel  | wc -l

returns 163 for me.

On quick inspection, I didn't see too much in said list that's too 
critpath'y (though I did see some a couple of items low in the kde stack, 
akonadi and kdepimlibs), but wondering if this is worthy of introducing a 
side koji tag to do the necessary rebuilds.

It may also depend on the risk of api breakage here.

-- Rex

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