Mass rebuild starting monday Feb 7

Christopher Aillon caillon at
Sun Feb 6 19:46:51 UTC 2011

On 02/04/2011 10:00 PM, Dennis Gilmore wrote:
> Hi all,
> for gcc-4.6, xz compression changes, and to a lesser extent we will be doing a
> mass rebuild starting monday. it will be done in a side tag with a lower than
> normal priority so that you can still submit builds and not have to wait for
> the mass rebuild to finish. we will then tag into  rawhide the builds after
> unless you do a build in the meantime
> Please note that mass branching will be occuring soon after the mass rebuild
> as the Alpha freeze is 2011-02-15
> Thanks
> Dennis and the rest of rel eng


Can we give more notice than to post an announcement during the weekend 
that something is happening on Monday?

Also, per how can people 
opt out?  What is the cutoff date after which packages don't need a rebuild?

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