Preferred & Startup applications gone?

Bastien Nocera bnocera at
Mon Feb 7 14:51:42 UTC 2011

On Fri, 2011-02-04 at 08:52 +0100, Kevin Kofler wrote:
> Adam Williamson wrote:
> > it's a design feature, we are told. the intent is that applications
> > should offer the option to set themselves as the default, instead of the
> > desktop providing a central config point.
> To the GNOME developers (Adam, I know you are just the messenger):
> This is very broken. You cannot expect non-GNOME applications to support 
> setting themselves as the default in GNOME. (For example, if you want to 
> use, say, Konqueror as your default browser, how would you set that? 
> Konqueror obviously does not support GNOME preferences.)

There's no GNOME preferences involved. Make sure Konqueror sets itself
as the handler for x-scheme-handler/http (and https) and you're done.

> Plus, we have seen where leaving this to the applications leads to on 
> Window$: applications fight for being the default and the user never gets 
> asked! Instead, merely running an app will change his/her file associations, 
> leading to a ping-pong effect. Please do not head down that road!

We're talking about browsers and mailers. Browsers already do that.

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