Could not find debuginfo pkg for dependency package. . .

Kevin Fenzi kevin at
Mon Feb 7 23:01:46 UTC 2011

On Mon, 07 Feb 2011 22:23:11 +0000
Jóhann "B." Guðmundsson <johannbg at> wrote:

> I've been experiencing some mutter crashes when trying to report it
> via abrt, abrt informed me that reporting was disabled because the
> backtrace is unusable and suggested I installed debuginfo-install
> mutter then refresh and try again which revealed. .. 
> Could not find debuginfo pkg for dependency package
> glibc-2.13.90-2.x86_64
> Could not find debuginfo pkg for dependency package
> clutter-1.6.2-1.fc15.x86_64

Where did you install glibc from ? Koji? 

> I'm a bit curious if we cant automatically check for missing debuginfo
> pacakges for relevant component(s) and inform the packager/maintainer
> encase they dont exist to prevent encounters like this?

The problem is that that version of glibc was built today, so it's not
in repos and thus it's debuginfo isn't in repos either. 

I don't think the koji static repos include debuginfo, so if you are
installing from there you will need to download and install the
debuginfo manually. 

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