new raid1 read balance working, please test it! kernel 2.6.37 based

Roberto Spadim roberto at
Tue Feb 8 02:22:12 UTC 2011

hi guys, i made some changes to md raid1 software, could fedora test
it? for me it work very nice =)
the raid1 new code is based in kernel 2.6.37
here is the new and old code:

just read_balance changed (4 modes: near_head(today)
round_robin(counter per mirror) stripe (like raid0, with shift for
make stripe less or more intensive), time based (depending on head
positioning time and read size it calculate the fasted mirror, some
new improvement must be done but it works, improvements= get io queue
of each mirror and many a time estimation of queue time, with it get
more close best disk)

it´s open source please help me testing it, neil at raid kernel must
some benchmarks to put it inside kernel source
for mixed speed mirrors time based is good,
for ssd only round_Robin is good (per mirror count, put 230 for
230mb/s, 150 for mb/s or multiples to make a good round robin)
for disks and/or ssd mixed or not, stripe is good
for disks only near head is good

Roberto Spadim
Spadim Technology / SPAEmpresarial

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