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Dennis Gilmore dennis at
Wed Feb 9 03:32:58 UTC 2011

On Tuesday, February 08, 2011 07:00:44 pm Josh Boyer wrote:
> On Tue, Feb 8, 2011 at 7:23 PM, Dennis Gilmore <dennis at> wrote:
> > so the mass rebuild is 24 hours in we have completed ~45% of the builds
> > and are at 365 packages failed to build the total number of builds in
> > the mass rebuild is 10404 we are churning along nicely. i expect to
> > complete the first pass sometime in the next 24 hours. so far i think
> > its going pretty well
> > 
> > some web pages to look at and
> > these 2 pages are updated ~
> > every 10 minutes. Please drop into #fedora-devel on freenode if you have
> > any questions.
> I believe this wiki page should have been included in the announce mail:
> For those that don't particularly follow devel day-to-day, the blurb
> about the XZ change is pretty uninformative.  I've tried to dig back a
> bit and it seems the XZ change is to pick up XZ 5.0.  It seems the
> rebuild was done to fix Delta RPM generation?  From a package
> standpoint, will that mean that F14 is incapable of reading F15 RPMs?
> Does that impact mock?
> I'd be happy to flesh out the change a bit more in detail if someone
> could point me at what is really changing in terms of XZ compression
> and what it means going forward.  Better late than never.
> josh

im able to init a rawhide chroot on F14, so the xz compression format is 
supported.  its a incompatiable change.  what would have been broken is 
deltarpm creation if the original and update use different compression we cant 
generate deltarpms.  

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