incompatible screen update

Ben Boeckel mathstuf at
Thu Feb 10 03:59:33 UTC 2011

Lennart Poettering <mzerqung at> wrote:
> Fact is that people have been requesting the ability to have guaranteed
> clean-up of processes on logout, and we do provide this now (though only
> opt-in) with systemd. If this is enabled this currently breaks
> screen. And I think it would make sense to (optionally) make screen
> create its own PAM sessions, if the admin wants to allow screens to stay
> around after normal logins. Whether we later on then enable automatic
> session clean-up by default or not is another question, one we shouldn't
> discuss now. But the fact that kill-processes-on-logout is a feature
> that is going stay is not changed by that.

I assume that this should be brought up to the tmux developers as well.


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