Backported gtk3 for F14 available

Kevin Kofler kevin.kofler at
Thu Feb 10 18:30:15 UTC 2011


to allow porting applications to GTK+ 3 and testing them with a current GTK+ 
3 on Fedora 14 (the stock 2.90.5 is quite old, from before the theming 
changes, among other things), I have prepared packages of the latest gtk3 
(2.99.3) for Fedora 14:

Some notes:
* WARNING: This repository will REPLACE YOUR SYSTEM VERSION OF glib2
  (2.26.0) with a newer stable version (2.28.0). glib2 is also used by many
  other things, including gtk2 and even (for event loop integration) qt. It
  is supposed to be backwards compatible, but if there are any problems: You
  have been warned!
* The gtk3 package has introspection disabled, because the
  gobject-introspection in F14 (0.9.3) is too old, the required version
  (0.10.1) is not backwards-compatible, and I haven't managed to make gtk3
  build with 0.9.3 when I tried. (By the way, to the gtk3 maintainers, you
  should fix gobject_introspection_version in gtk3.spec, it still says
  0.9.3, but the sources actually require 0.10.1.)
* The packages in this repository are signed with my GPG key, as found on:
* Only glib2, gtk3 and their subpackages are provided at this time. Anything
  higher in the GNOME 3 stack is NOT available, and the versions in F14, if
  any, are likely not to work with this gtk3. Again, you have been warned.
* This repository is NOT endorsed or supported by Red Hat, the Red Hat
  Desktop Team nor the Fedora GTK+/GNOME packagers. Use at your own risk!

        Kevin Kofler

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