OpenGL broken after resume from supend on AMD Radeon X800

Christoph Frieben christoph.frieben at
Fri Feb 11 14:07:02 UTC 2011

I am running the x86_64 flavours of fully updated F14 and the current
Fedora development tree on a system which is equipped with a Radeon
X800 PCIe video adapter. After resuming from suspend, OpenGL is
broken, e.g. glxgears only shows a black window, and when mutter is
the default compositor/wm, then the desktop shows the mouse pointer on
top of an empty desktop showing the chosen background picture. Is
there --anybody-- out there who can report success for equivalent
hardware or is this feature currently unsupported for this model
Since the GNOME3 desktop relies by default on a proper function of
OpenGL, this issue will soon affect most users of comparable hardware
and even those who did not bother enabling desktop effects in the
past. ~C

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