Mass Rebuild and Mass branching status update

Jesse Keating jkeating at
Sat Feb 12 01:27:00 UTC 2011

On 2/11/11 5:19 PM, Tom Lane wrote:
> Jesse Keating<jkeating at>  writes:
>> On 2/10/11 7:42 PM, Tom Lane wrote:
>>> ... so, given that I've used "fedpkg co -B" to create a working tree
>>> with a subdirectory per branch, what's the incantation to get an f15/
>>> subdirectory added to that tree?  I hope there's a better answer than
>>> "rm -rf and re-clone".
>> Hrm, that's not a workflow I tested or thought about.  Honestly I threw
>> in the -B as a crutch for moving forward from the old style to the new
>> repo setup.  I haven't given it much love...
> Well, I like the directory-per-branch setup and would be sad if it went
> away.  Guess I'll need to kluge something up to run after every branch
> event.
> 			regards, tom lane

While what I wrote above was kinda dire, I wouldn't count on it going 
away.  In fact I have a "to do" that would make them function even 
better.  If I ever get around to it, I can also look at what to do to 
"refresh" the directory list.

Jesse Keating
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