Backported gtk3 for F14 available

Kevin Kofler kevin.kofler at
Sun Feb 13 22:22:59 UTC 2011

I wrote:
> to allow porting applications to GTK+ 3 and testing them with a current
> GTK+ 3 on Fedora 14 (the stock 2.90.5 is quite old, from before the
> theming changes, among other things), I have prepared packages of the
> latest gtk3 (2.99.3) for Fedora 14:

Effective now, the repository carries gtk3-3.0.0, the official release.

The same notes and warnings as previously apply:
> Some notes:
> * WARNING: This repository will REPLACE YOUR SYSTEM VERSION OF glib2
>   (2.26.0) with a newer stable version (2.28.0). glib2 is also used by
>   many other things, including gtk2 and even (for event loop integration)
>   qt. It is supposed to be backwards compatible, but if there are any
>   problems: You have been warned!
(see also Bastien Nocera's reply, pointing out particular caveats resulting 
from that)
> * The gtk3 package has introspection disabled, because the
>   gobject-introspection in F14 (0.9.3) is too old, the required version
>   (0.10.1) is not backwards-compatible, and I haven't managed to make gtk3
>   build with 0.9.3 when I tried. (By the way, to the gtk3 maintainers, you
>   should fix gobject_introspection_version in gtk3.spec, it still says
>   0.9.3, but the sources actually require 0.10.1.)
> * The packages in this repository are signed with my GPG key, as found on:
> * Only glib2, gtk3 and their subpackages are provided at this time.
>   Anything higher in the GNOME 3 stack is NOT available, and the versions
>   in F14, if any, are likely not to work with this gtk3. Again, you have
>   been warned.
> * This repository is NOT endorsed or supported by Red Hat, the Red Hat
>   Desktop Team nor the Fedora GTK+/GNOME packagers. Use at your own risk!

Whether any further updates will be provided or not will depend on 1. 
usage/demand and 2. my available time. Further updates will NOT be announced 
here, check the repository if you're interested (but let me know – I'd like 
to know whether anybody actually uses the repository).

If you have any questions about the repository, you can find me on IRC, I 
normally hang around on #fedora-kde on Freenode.

        Kevin Kofler

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