/usr/share/gtk-doc status

80 karlthered at gmail.com
Mon Feb 21 08:41:55 UTC 2011

Hi, i'm co-maintaining part of the gtkmm stack and a documentation
location issue has been raised
By default, gtkmm-related packages put their documentation in
/usr/share/doc, but for historical reason, fedora packages move them
to /usr/share/gtk-doc.
Since it's quite error-prone (you have to move documentation and fix
devhelp index files), and not uniformized, if we don't have any
mandatory rule to move documentation
to /usr/share/gtk-doc (technically, gtkmm documentation is generated
by doxygen and not gtk-doc), i'd like to stick to default location
Other distro seems to use /usr/share/doc for gtkmm documentation.

Either way, we need to fix all doc subpackages, but i'd like to gather
your opinions before doing anything.

best regards,

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