Trying to contact David Zeuthen for nonresponsive maintainer process

Tim Niemueller tim at
Mon Feb 21 23:57:18 UTC 2011

Hello fellow Fedorans.

With this email I'm trying to contact David Zeuthen. There is a bug [1]
filed for Festival speech synthesis which is open for almost four years
now (besides a few others, but the particular one is bothering me).

I once had checked in a fix into CVS in 2008 or so, which was
overwritten (seems to have happened accidentally when synchronizing
branches). I have filed the patch again, asked for commit permission to
apply it myself, and contacted David at his Red Hat email address. I did
not get any reply on any of these channels. I have seen Hedayat's email
from last October, asking a similar question. It seems this did not go
very far. I have tried to find him on IRC, but couldn't. The last email
I saw to fedora-devel by him I saw in my mailbox is from November 2009.

The Festival package is in bad shape, libraries linking against it
(rather than calling the command line tool) can't because headers are in
the wrong place. There are also several newer upstream releases which
haven't made it into Fedora. Then there are 17 (!) maintainers for the
package, but only David has approveacls permission and no one has
replied to the bug report recently.

Is David still around? Does anybody know how to contact him and how to
resolve the issues surrounding Festival?

Thanks for your help,


    Tim Niemueller <tim at>
 Imagination is more important than knowledge. (Albert Einstein)

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