Trying to contact David Zeuthen for nonresponsive maintainer process

Tim Niemueller tim at
Tue Feb 22 12:52:45 UTC 2011

On 22.02.2011 05:00, Bastien Nocera wrote:
> On Tue, 2011-02-22 at 00:57 +0100, Tim Niemueller wrote:
>> Is David still around?
> Yes, and hacking on GNOME 3.

And no five minutes to care about older duties or at least reply? Too bad.

>> resolve the issues surrounding Festival?
> I've asked Jason Tibbitts to approve ACLs for me, so I could approve
> your requests. If you want to take over the package, let me know, and
> I'll get David to drop the maintainership.

Thanks for looking into this. Surprised David is so unreachable. My
pkgdb requests were granted and I can go and add the fix now.

Since David is so busy, it seems to be a better option to find a new
maintainer for Festival. I'd be happy if any of the many co-maintainers
would step up to this. If nobody does I could do it. A word of warning
though that desktop development is not my primary concern (anymore), so
someone who would look at the dependent packages would be a good idea.

My repoquery fu suggests that no other package other than Fawkes (in the
future once the mentioned bug is fixed) relies on Festival as a library,
but rather other packages (like gnome-speech, kdeaccesibility, asterisk)
invoke the command line tool. It might be worth considering upgrading to
the latest stable release. But someone who maintained the package before
should have a look at the 19 (!) patches if they have been upstreamed,
don't need be, or should be.

Anyone interested? I'd join the effort.


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