Plans for BTRFS in Fedora

Chris Lumens clumens at
Tue Feb 22 20:03:43 UTC 2011

> > 1) GRUB support.  Edward Shishkin did GRUB1 patches for BTRFS a while
> > ago, but they were obviously never merged upstream and were also not
> > included into fedora.  These would either need to be cleaned up and
> > put into our grub package, or we'd need to put /boot on a different
> > filesystem.  I personally hate the idea of having a non-btrfs /boot
> > partition but I'm not the one in charge of GRUB.
> Perhaps if we are going to the pain of getting btrfs patches working
> and stable, we could just look at moving to grub2? 

It's planned:

- Chris

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