Plans for BTRFS in Fedora

Eric Sandeen sandeen at
Wed Feb 23 15:26:19 UTC 2011

On 2/23/11 5:38 AM, "Jóhann B. Guðmundsson" wrote:
> On 02/23/2011 01:26 AM, Josef Bacik wrote:
>> Various things, better data integrity to start with, and if you
>> install the yum-fs-snapshot you have the ability to rollback easily.
> So we got the above + What Lennart mentioned as "benefits" to the end user.
> Now if we continue to hang on to the outdated concept ( From my 
> perspective ) of "defaults" as opposed to allowing each SIG to control 
> and set it's own defaults that suits their target end user base.
> For example any of the *DE might not want to switch to BTRFS until all 
> GUI tool for their end user to take advantage of what it has to offer 
> are in place while the Server SIG might certainly do.
> Hence I propose that we open a ticket with FESCO which will request them 
> to do something like this.....
> Review the current filesystem default
> Gather feed back from various SIG with in the community to create a good 
> criteria for what needs to be in place in a filesystem for it to be 
> considered as an a "default" for Fedora.
> Gather a list of all existing linux filesystems ( there seems to be a 
> new one popping up every other month or so ).

Perhaps, but the list of possibly usable defaults for Fedora is not very long.

ext3, ext4, xfs, btrfs for now, I'd say.

Anything that "popped up" last month is not going to be ready for primetime
for years.

That said, I'd love to see it easy to tweak the default from among the supported
anaconda filesystems via kickstart or boot-time option, vs. having to go into
the detailed custom storage setup screen.  "ext3 please" is a lot simpler request
than custom partitioning with volume managers, and today it's all rolled into


> Filter out those that do not live up to that criteria and any base line 
> they set for their decision like "must not perform worse then the 
> current default" must work well on SSD's" etc..  settle on one that 
> benefits most likely most the novice end users.
> ( We experienced users are able to choose tweak and turn any knob at 
> install time to suit our need which makes the novice end user the lowest 
> dominator)

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