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Wed Feb 23 18:23:26 UTC 2011

On Wed, 23.02.11 09:39, Toshio Kuratomi (a.badger at wrote:

> The proposed Packaging Guidelines for systemd:
> Needs to contain the necessary scriptlets for packages that use systemd unit
> files.  At the moment, the draft only contains scriptlets for a default-off
> case.  We also need scriptlets for services which autostart and for services
> which bus activate.  

There is no difference between "autostart" and "bus activate". There's
only enabled or not.

I have now added a %post example for a service that should be enable by default.

> Given that FESCo seems to be moving towards a policy that allows a
> broad range of services to autostart, we probably need the autostart
> guidelines in place soon.  The bus activated scriptlets are needed but
> we may be able to delay as it sounds like we only want a few services
> to be bus activated anyway and those services can be started as normal
> until we have guidelines on how they need to be set to autostart.

Well, in the default Fedora install there are actually quite a few bus
services, more than non-bus services.

> The scriptlets that we currently have do not work in testing.  I have tested
> the migration path from a sysv init script using service to an upgraded
> package using systemd unit files and that doesn't work.  at some point
> someone also needs to test the upgrade between systemd unit file using
> services but I personally haven't had time for that yet.  The FPC ticket has
> the steps that would constitute a good test of those services.

Would be cool to include the .spec file and .service file you used in
that ticket. It's otherwise difficult to help you from the distance.


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