state of systemd in Fedora and services pledge

Bill Nottingham notting at
Wed Feb 23 19:04:19 UTC 2011

Colin Walters (walters at said: 
> > The scriptlets that we currently have do not work in testing.  I have tested
> > the migration path from a sysv init script using service to an upgraded
> > package using systemd unit files and that doesn't work.  at some point
> > someone also needs to test the upgrade between systemd unit file using
> > services but I personally haven't had time for that yet.  The FPC ticket has
> > the steps that would constitute a good test of those services.
> This is a live yum upgrade?  That not working doesn't seem hard
> blocker to me - we currently recommend preupgrade which is non-live
> for precisely these kinds of reasons.

While not a blocker, it's certainly something we should fix issues
with where reasonably possible. (And, it's entirely possible that
changes of this sort could happen in the normal update process, although
I'd like to think maintainers wouldn't switch this stuff around in
a released distro much.)


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