[ACTION REQUIRED v2] Orphan removal

Bill Nottingham notting at redhat.com
Wed Feb 23 22:26:11 UTC 2011

As part of the normal orphan removal process, 113 orphaned packages
with no dependencies have been retired.

However, there are still orphaned packages that have requirements on
them in the F-15 tree. We would prefer not to break the requiring
packages, so please claim these if your app depends on it:

Orphan aalib
Orphan ace
Orphan apel
Orphan beagle
Orphan cairo-java
Orphan gdk-pixbuf
Orphan gedit-vala
	comaintained by: salimma
Orphan glib-java
Orphan gnome-launch-box
Orphan gnome-vfsmm26
Orphan libccss
Orphan libgconf-java
Orphan libglade-java
Orphan libgnome-java
Orphan libgnomecanvasmm26
Orphan libgtk-java
	comaintained by: pmuldoon
Orphan libmatchbox
	comaintained by: cwickert
Orphan libsigc++
Orphan libvte-java
Orphan log4net
Orphan pmd
Orphan pyorbit
Orphan python-flickrapi
Orphan qstat
Orphan rubygem-eventmachine
Orphan rubygem-fastthread
	comaintained by: kanarip
Orphan rubygem-gem_plugin
Orphan rubygem-mongrel
	comaintained by: kanarip
Orphan tetex-tex4ht
	comaintained by: pertusus
Orphan tla
	comaintained by: jzeleny

List of deps left behind by orphan removal:

Orphan: aalib
    gimp requires libaa.so.1
    gimp requires aalib-devel = 1.4.0-0.19.rc5.fc15
    xaos requires libaa.so.1
    xaos requires aalib-devel = 1.4.0-0.19.rc5.fc15
    xawtv requires libaa.so.1
    xawtv requires aalib-devel = 1.4.0-0.19.rc5.fc15
    xine-lib requires aalib-devel = 1.4.0-0.19.rc5.fc15
    xine-lib-extras requires libaa.so.1
    xine-ui requires aalib-devel = 1.4.0-0.19.rc5.fc15
    xine-ui-aaxine requires libaa.so.1

Orphan: ace
    ovirt-server-installer requires ace-postgres = 0.0.7-3.fc12
    ovirt-server-installer requires ace = 0.0.7-3.fc12

Orphan: apel
    ddskk requires apel = 10.7-4.fc12
    emacs-common-w3m requires apel = 10.7-4.fc12
    emacs-w3m requires apel = 10.7-4.fc12
    flim requires apel = 10.7-4.fc12
    migemo-emacs requires apel = 10.7-4.fc12
    migemo-xemacs requires apel = 10.7-4.fc12

Orphan: beagle
    kerry requires beagle = 0.3.9-19.fc14

Orphan: cairo-java
    frysk requires cairo-java-devel = 1.0.8-4.fc15
    frysk-devel requires libcairojava-1.0.so
    frysk-gnome requires libcairojava-1.0.so
    libgconf-java requires libcairojava-1.0.so
    libglade-java requires libcairojava-1.0.so
    libgnome-java requires libcairojava-1.0.so
    libgtk-java requires cairo-java = 1.0.8-4.fc15
    libgtk-java requires cairo-java-devel = 1.0.8-4.fc15
    libgtk-java-devel requires cairo-java-devel = 1.0.8-4.fc15
    libgtk-java-devel requires pkgconfig(cairo-java) = 1.0.8
    libvte-java requires libcairojava-1.0.so

Orphan: gdk-pixbuf
    freetennis requires gdk-pixbuf-devel = 1:0.22.0-38.fc12
    soundtracker requires libgdk_pixbuf.so.2
    soundtracker requires gdk-pixbuf-devel = 1:0.22.0-38.fc12
    tracker requires gdk-pixbuf-devel = 1:0.22.0-38.fc12
    viking requires gdk-pixbuf-devel = 1:0.22.0-38.fc12
    xmms-xosd requires libgdk_pixbuf.so.2
    xosd requires gdk-pixbuf-devel = 1:0.22.0-38.fc12
    xqf requires gdk-pixbuf = 1:0.22.0-38.fc12
    zathura requires gdk-pixbuf-devel = 1:0.22.0-38.fc12

Orphan: glib-java
    cairo-java requires glib-java-devel = 0.4.2-5.fc15
    cairo-java requires libglibjni-0.4.so
    cairo-java requires glib-java = 0.4.2-5.fc15
    cairo-java requires libglibjava-0.4.so
    cairo-java-devel requires glib-java-devel = 0.4.2-5.fc15
    cairo-java-devel requires pkgconfig(glib-java) = 0.4.2
    frysk requires glib-java = 0.4.2-5.fc15
    frysk-devel requires libglibjava-0.4.so
    frysk-gnome requires libglibjava-0.4.so
    libgconf-java requires glib-java-devel = 0.4.2-5.fc15
    libgconf-java requires libglibjni-0.4.so
    libgconf-java requires glib-java = 0.4.2-5.fc15
    libgconf-java requires libglibjava-0.4.so
    libgconf-java-devel requires glib-java-devel = 0.4.2-5.fc15
    libglade-java requires libglibjni-0.4.so
    libglade-java requires libglibjava-0.4.so
    libglade-java-devel requires pkgconfig(glib-java) = 0.4.2
    libgnome-java requires glib-java-devel = 0.4.2-5.fc15
    libgnome-java requires libglibjni-0.4.so
    libgnome-java requires glib-java = 0.4.2-5.fc15
    libgnome-java requires libglibjava-0.4.so
    libgnome-java-devel requires glib-java-devel = 0.4.2-5.fc15
    libgtk-java requires glib-java-devel = 0.4.2-5.fc15
    libgtk-java requires libglibjni-0.4.so
    libgtk-java requires glib-java = 0.4.2-5.fc15
    libgtk-java requires libglibjava-0.4.so
    libgtk-java-devel requires glib-java-devel = 0.4.2-5.fc15
    libgtk-java-devel requires pkgconfig(glib-java) = 0.4.2
    libvte-java requires glib-java-devel = 0.4.2-5.fc15
    libvte-java requires libglibjni-0.4.so
    libvte-java requires glib-java = 0.4.2-5.fc15
    libvte-java requires libglibjava-0.4.so
    libvte-java-devel requires pkgconfig(glib-java) = 0.4.2

Orphan: gnome-vfsmm26
    agave requires gnome-vfsmm26-devel = 2.26.0-2.fc15
    assogiate requires libgnomevfsmm-2.6.so.1
    assogiate requires gnome-vfsmm26-devel = 2.26.0-2.fc15
    gcdmaster requires libgnomevfsmm-2.6.so.1
    libgnomeuimm26 requires libgnomevfsmm-2.6.so.1
    libgnomeuimm26 requires gnome-vfsmm26-devel = 2.26.0-2.fc15
    libgnomeuimm26-devel requires pkgconfig(gnome-vfsmm-2.6) = 2.26.0
    libgnomeuimm26-devel requires gnome-vfsmm26-devel = 2.26.0-2.fc15
    referencer requires libgnomevfsmm-2.6.so.1

Orphan: libccss
    nbtk requires libccss-devel = 0.3.1-7.fc15
    nbtk requires libccss-1.so.3

Orphan: libgconf-java
    frysk-gnome requires libgconf-java = 2.12.6-4.fc15

Orphan: libglade-java
    frysk requires libglade-java-devel = 2.12.8-15.fc15
    frysk-devel requires libgladejava-2.12.so
    frysk-gnome requires libgladejava-2.12.so
    frysk-gnome requires libglade-java = 2.12.8-15.fc15

Orphan: libgnome-java
    libglade-java requires libgnome-java-devel = 2.12.7-6.fc15
    libglade-java requires libgnomejava-2.12.so
    libglade-java requires libgnome-java = 2.12.7-6.fc15
    libglade-java-devel requires libgnome-java-devel = 2.12.7-6.fc15

Orphan: libgnomecanvasmm26
    ardour requires libgnomecanvasmm26-devel = 2.26.0-3.fc15
    ardour requires libgnomecanvasmm-2.6.so.1
    flowcanvas requires libgnomecanvasmm26-devel = 2.26.0-3.fc15
    flowcanvas requires libgnomecanvasmm-2.6.so.1
    flowcanvas-devel requires libgnomecanvasmm26-devel = 2.26.0-3.fc15
    gcdmaster requires libgnomecanvasmm-2.6.so.1
    libgnomeuimm26 requires libgnomecanvasmm26-devel = 2.26.0-3.fc15
    libgnomeuimm26 requires libgnomecanvasmm-2.6.so.1
    libgnomeuimm26-devel requires pkgconfig(libgnomecanvasmm-2.6) = 2.26.0
    libgnomeuimm26-devel requires libgnomecanvasmm26-devel = 2.26.0-3.fc15
    referencer requires libgnomecanvasmm-2.6.so.1

Orphan: libgtk-java
    frysk requires libgtk-java-devel = 2.10.2-4.fc15
    frysk-devel requires libgtkjava-2.10.so
    frysk-gnome requires libgtkjava-2.10.so
    libgconf-java requires libgtkjni-2.10.so
    libgconf-java requires libgtk-java-devel = 2.10.2-4.fc15
    libgconf-java requires libgtkjava-2.10.so
    libglade-java requires libgtkjava-2.10.so
    libglade-java requires libgtk-java = 2.10.2-4.fc15
    libglade-java requires libgtk-java-devel = 2.10.2-4.fc15
    libglade-java requires libgtkjni-2.10.so
    libglade-java-devel requires pkgconfig(gtk2-java) = 2.10.2
    libgnome-java requires libgtkjava-2.10.so
    libgnome-java requires libgtk-java = 2.10.2-4.fc15
    libgnome-java requires libgtk-java-devel = 2.10.2-4.fc15
    libgnome-java requires libgtkjni-2.10.so
    libgnome-java-devel requires libgtk-java-devel = 2.10.2-4.fc15
    libvte-java requires libgtkjava-2.10.so
    libvte-java requires libgtk-java = 2.10.2-4.fc15
    libvte-java requires libgtk-java-devel = 2.10.2-4.fc15
    libvte-java requires libgtkjni-2.10.so
    libvte-java-devel requires pkgconfig(gtk2-java) = 2.10.2
    libvte-java-devel requires libgtk-java-devel = 2.10.2-4.fc15

Orphan: libmatchbox
    matchbox-window-manager requires libmb.so.1
    matchbox-window-manager requires libmatchbox-devel = 1.9-7.fc13

Orphan: libsigc++
    TnL requires libsigc-1.2.so.5
    TnL requires libsigc++-devel = 1.2.7-9.fc15
    asc requires libsigc-1.2.so.5
    asc requires libsigc++-devel = 1.2.7-9.fc15
    libasync requires libsigc-1.2.so.5
    qtel requires libsigc-1.2.so.5
    sooperlooper requires libsigc-1.2.so.5
    sooperlooper requires libsigc++-devel = 1.2.7-9.fc15
    svxlink requires libsigc++-devel = 1.2.7-9.fc15
    svxlink-server requires libsigc-1.2.so.5
    synfig requires libsigc++-devel = 1.2.7-9.fc15

Orphan: libvte-java
    frysk requires libvte-java-devel = 0.12.3-3.fc15
    frysk-devel requires libvtejava-0.12.so
    frysk-gnome requires libvtejava-0.12.so
    frysk-gnome requires libvte-java = 0.12.3-3.fc15

Orphan: log4net
    mono-sharpcvslib requires log4net-devel = 1.2.10-13.fc13
    mono-sharpcvslib requires mono(log4net) =
    nant requires log4net = 1.2.10-13.fc13
    nant requires mono(log4net) =

Orphan: pmd
    emacs-pmd requires pmd = 4.2.5-9.fc15
    maven-pmd-plugin requires pmd = 4.2.5-9.fc15
    xemacs-pmd requires pmd = 4.2.5-9.fc15

Orphan: pyorbit
    at-spi-python requires pyorbit = 2.24.0-8.fc15
    gdesklets requires pyorbit-devel = 2.24.0-8.fc15
    gnome-python2 requires pyorbit-devel = 2.24.0-8.fc15
    gnome-python2-bonobo requires pyorbit = 2.24.0-8.fc15
    orca requires pyorbit-devel = 2.24.0-8.fc15

Orphan: python-flickrapi
    conduit requires python-flickrapi = 1.3-4.fc15
    pony requires python-flickrapi = 1.3-4.fc15

Orphan: qstat
    nagios-plugins requires qstat = 2.11-10.20080912svn311.fc15
    nagios-plugins-game requires qstat = 2.11-10.20080912svn311.fc15
    xqf requires qstat = 2.11-10.20080912svn311.fc15

Orphan: rubygem-eventmachine
    rubygem-thin requires rubygem(eventmachine) = 0.12.10

Orphan: rubygem-fastthread
    rubygem-mongrel requires rubygem(fastthread) = 1.0.7

Orphan: rubygem-gem_plugin
    rubygem-mongrel requires rubygem(gem_plugin) = 0.2.3

Orphan: rubygem-mongrel
    ovirt-server requires rubygem(mongrel) = 1.1.5
    rubygem-mongrel_cluster requires rubygem(mongrel) = 1.1.5

Orphan: tetex-tex4ht
    dbus-java requires tetex-tex4ht = 1.0.2008_09_16_1413-4.fc15
    freecol requires tetex-tex4ht = 1.0.2008_09_16_1413-4.fc15
    python-cvxopt requires tetex-tex4ht = 1.0.2008_09_16_1413-4.fc15
    texi2html requires tetex-tex4ht = 1.0.2008_09_16_1413-4.fc15

Orphan: tla
    buildbot requires tla = 1.3.5-8.fc12
    git-arch requires tla = 1.3.5-8.fc12
    perl-Test-AutoBuild requires tla = 1.3.5-8.fc12
    perl-Test-AutoBuild-tla requires tla = 1.3.5-8.fc12
    python-vcpx requires tla = 1.3.5-8.fc12

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