Plans for BTRFS in Fedora

Josef Bacik josef at
Thu Feb 24 21:02:07 UTC 2011

On Thu, Feb 24, 2011 at 8:44 AM, Matej Cepl <mcepl at> wrote:
> Dne 23.2.2011 20:49, Matthew Garrett napsal(a):
>> btrfs does the former without anywhere near as much of the latter.
> BTRFS so far only makes my kernel panicking as it did anytime I have
> been trying it since Fedora 9 (yes, I am crazy). This is absolutely not
> meant as anything personal against Josef (I know very well how
> incredibly small group are BTRFS developers), but just a bit of
> suspicion, whether "we have fsck now (or we will have fsck soon)" really
> leads so quickly "let's make it default".
> I am quite OK with having crashing and unstable systemd or Gnome 3 (and
> again, nothing against their developers, this is Rawhide and Fedora, so
> when my kids are alive despite me using it I am pretty happy), but
> unstable file system is quite a different matter.
> Could we slow down a bit, please?

Sure but where's the fun in that? :).

Seriously though, when I'm not on RHEL duty most of my time has been
spent on stability vs. adding features, and honestly there aren't a
lot of "OMFG this shit is broken" complaints, it's more of "hey when I
do this thing that is specific to my work load, BTRFS does X wrong."
At this point what is left is the normal day to day users using this
thing and breaking it in ways that we as developers have not been able
to break it using it the way we use it and test it the way we test it.
 I think that if I could get a large base to test for F15 that we
could squash most/all of the problems that crop up from that to be in
great shape for default in F16.  Thanks,


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