Bugs in debuginfo packages

Mamoru Tasaka mtasaka at ioa.s.u-tokyo.ac.jp
Fri Feb 25 06:21:21 UTC 2011

Roland McGrath wrote, at 02/25/2011 10:16 AM +9:00:
>> component: CCfits (sergiopr)
>>    file: CCfits-debuginfo-2.3-2.fc15.i686/usr/lib/debug/.build-id/da/7236759b8c63fab2925bd308123b9b277a238c
>>     - unused debuginfo, binary is not packaged: /usr/bin/cookbook
> The debuginfo is collected from the %buildroot directories.  There is an
> rpmbuild check that barfs if there are any unpackaged files in there, so
> that should have broken the build.  There is some macro magic to disable
> that check, but Fedora spec files should not be using that (if it isn't
> formally disallowed in the packaging guidelines to turn this check off,
> it should be).  So I'm not sure how that could happen.

This can happen when %exclude is used. %exclude'd files must be installed
under %buildroot (otherwise rpmbuild raises error about missing files), do
find-debuginfo.sh collects debuginfo from %exclude'd binary and it will be
packaged in -debuginfo rpm, however the original binary won't be packaged.

(So in these cases I always recommend to explicitly remove unneeded files
  from %buildroot instead of using %exclude)


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