F15 Alpha impressions -> To Gnome 3 or not to 3 - that is the question

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Mon Feb 28 14:02:42 UTC 2011

On 02/28/2011 01:46 AM, Adam Williamson wrote:

> These are all rather 'GNOME 3 impressions' than 'F15 Alpha impressions'.
> It's probably going to help more to raise them on GNOME mailing lists,
> or the Fedora desktop mailing list.

  Mangled Billy Shakespeare aside ...

 This is a very valid point - the trail of complaints are largely gnome
issues (design, bugs whatever)

 What should we fedorans be discussing then ?

 Perhaps we should discuss what DE path fedora should follow.
There are precious few choices.

 For F15:

    (i)  Continue to follow gnome 3 - for f15 or delay to f16

         * The future  - get with it
         * Too soon, too many missing features, buggy etc

         * Too late - we're too far along - we have to stick w it.

    (ii) Switch the primary DE to kde

    (iii) Stick with gnome 2 (classic) until f16 - then ...

  F16 and beyond:

    (i) Gnome 3

        * It has all the missing features perhaps, and is far less buggy

    (ii) Gnome 2

         * probably no longer an option

    (iii) KDE

    (iv) wayland

         * probably not till F17 or F18 at the earliest

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