gcc 4.5 doesn't like gdbm.h

Sam Varshavchik mrsam at courier-mta.com
Sat Jan 8 15:50:48 UTC 2011

gcc 4.5 complains when compiling some C++ code that includes gdbm.h, with a 
spurious warning:

#include <gdbm.h>

class xx {

    GDBM_FILE dbf;


[mrsam at octopus tmp]$ cat foo.c
#include "foo.h"
[mrsam at octopus tmp]$ g++ -c foo.c
In file included from foo.c:1:0:
foo.h:3:10: warning: ‘xx’ has a field ‘xx::dbf’ whose type uses the anonymous namespace

The fix to gdbm.h, to get rid of this warning, is trivial, and has zero 

I wrote to gdbm's listed maintainers two months ago, with no response. Given 
that gdbm hasn't been updated in nearly a decade, I have to believe that 
nobody really cares about this. Except developers who take a small amount of 
pride that their code gets happily consumed by gcc, even with -Werror. I see 
no way to work around this myself, it needs to be fixed in gdbm.h.

If anyone here knows gdbm's maintainers, a minor release that tweaks the 
header file, so that it can be pushed into Fedora, would be appreciated.

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