Updating waf to 1.6

Thomas Moschny thomas.moschny at gmail.com
Mon Jan 17 08:28:10 UTC 2011

2011/1/17 Kevin Fenzi <kevin at scrye.com>:
> I can't speak to the other packages, but I can to midori.
> There have been at least 2 times that I can recall where midori
> upstream updated the bundled version of waf they ship with, and the
> fedora waf no longer builds it. This means we either have to use the
> bundled waf or force a update to the system waf if we need to update.

Did you file tickets?

Looking at bugzilla, I can only see one such event:

> I'd be ok with always using the system one if we could force it to
> update when we needed it, but I don't know if that breaks other
> projects that use waf, which I suspect it might.

It's not a matter of 'forcing' updates: As I said in my first post,
waf had, and has incompatible api changes (1.4 -> 1.5 in the bug
mentioned, and 1.5 -> 1.6 in this thread). Our policies explicitly
*forbid* to update packages in stable releases of Fedora in such

So we have these options (from hard to easy):
- force packagers to patch their packages to run with system's waf
- start packaging multiple versions of waf (e.g. waf16 for F-13 and F-14)
- allow packages to embed a copy of waf

- Thomas

Thomas Moschny <thomas.moschny at gmail.com>

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