heads-up: systemtap-sdt-devel rebase in rawhide

Tom Lane tgl at redhat.com
Wed Jan 19 22:20:47 UTC 2011

fche at redhat.com (Frank Ch. Eigler) writes:
> tgl wrote:
>> [...]  I think the only near-term fix is to turn off dtrace support
>> in mysql.  [...]

> We'll do one better; we'll add a hack to sys/sdt.h to make mysql build
> and respin systemtap today or tomorrow.

Actually, I had just decided that Stan's hack wasn't quite as awful as
I first thought --- I had misread it to be editing a generated file, but
it isn't, and probes_mysql.h is probably stable enough to carry a patch
on.  Still, if you can find a way around needing that, it'd be better.

>> But the real issue here is that systemtap has got to be more chary of
>> what they expose into application namespace, or this same scenario is
>> going to be played out again and again.

> I agree.  It's not a great situation, but local GCC/C++ experts have
> found no better way to type-analyze the parameters, to ensure their
> safe passage to the tool.  (Our testing shows <limits> is not
> offensive to other C++ apps we've seen.)

What I was more worried about was what happens when sdt.h is included in
plain C code.  Whatever you think of C++ apps that don't play nice with
<limits>, such a complaint is unlikely to impress authors of plain C

			regards, tom lane

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