Updating waf to 1.6

Simo Sorce ssorce at redhat.com
Mon Jan 24 13:37:15 UTC 2011

On Mon, 24 Jan 2011 02:23:41 +0100
Kevin Kofler <kevin.kofler at chello.at> wrote:

> But all that's really required is to get the existing build scripts
> to work with the system version of waf.

You are free to volunteer to do that, I am not going to do it for
samba4, I simply do not have the time to waste on such a thing.
(Samba4 people are in strict contact with the waf author and use
regularly the svn version du jour to fix build bugs they found, good
luck trying to make samba4 build right with months old releases that do
not include all necessary fixes).

> And "all these projects", come on, even with Samba4 and its libs,
> there are less than 10 packages in Fedora using waf. (Why did they
> even pick that obscure build system nobody else uses in the first
> place?)

Then why do you care so much if it is only 10 packages ?
Why should we waste so much time to make up policies for 10 bloody
packages ?
I am sure we can revisit guidelines when there will be hundreds of
them. Right now it is just a waste of time. I am not going to
participate, and will give up any package that include waf if the
guidelines force me to waste days to accomplish useless tasks.


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