Calling autoconf in a spec.

Ankur Sinha sanjay.ankur at
Sun Jul 3 14:01:50 UTC 2011


I need help with a package[0] that needs autoconf to be called before
the build can begin. I've read this draft which addresses the issue[1].
I used the second solution which says:

"When manual modification of configure or for the purpose of
generating a patch is impractical, packagers can create a patch by
regenerating configure and/or to use as input to diff. In
general, autoreconf should not be used for this purpose because it will
regenerate files that probably don't need to be regenerated. "

This fixed the build on my F15, but didn't work on F14. How should I go
about handling this please? Should I just call autoconf in the spec and
be done with it?


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