Calling autoconf in a spec.

Sam Varshavchik mrsam at
Mon Jul 4 13:48:06 UTC 2011

Ralf Corsepius writes:

> > I've got C++ code that's more than ten years old. Still builds just
> > fine, without any diagnostics.
> Then you're lucky - May-be your C++ code is recent enough?

No. I have the source tree right here. Large chunks of it are quite old.

> So far, most pre-ISO-C++ code I have encountered, esp. when originating
> from non-gnu platforms has required major surgery ;)
> Worse, "advanced c++ code" often even requires surgery between g++
> releases (Much of my own works is based on C++) ;)

It's been my experience that each successive g++ release is more strict and  
paranoid on compliance. It'll will complain about stuff that was not kosher  
to start with, but previous g++ releases let it fly.

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