[ACTION REQUIRED] Retiring packages in F-16 (final warning)

Bill Nottingham notting at redhat.com
Wed Jul 20 19:28:05 UTC 2011

Each release, before branching, we block currently orphaned packages.
It's that time again for Fedora 16.

New this go-round is that we are also blocking packages that have
failed to build since before Fedora 14.

The following packages are currently orphaned, or fail to build. If
you have a need for one of these packages, please pick them up.

If not claimed, the packages will be blocked on Monday, July 25.

Orphan Ajaxterm
Orphan CodeAnalyst-gui
Orphan EmfEngine
Orphan Miro
	comaintained by: salimma alexlan
Orphan QTeXEngine
Orphan TVAnytimeAPI
Orphan agave
Orphan anyterm
Orphan automake15
Orphan automake16
Orphan basket
Orphan bespin
	comaintained by: rdieter
Orphan blokkal
Orphan brandy
Orphan buffer
Orphan camcardsync
Orphan cdo
Orphan cgoban
Orphan ciso
Orphan clex
Orphan cmospwd
Orphan cnetworkmanager
Orphan comoonics-base-py
	comaintained by: elcody02
Orphan compizconfig-backend-kconfig
	comaintained by: izhar
Orphan cowbell
Orphan cssed
Orphan ctapi-cyberjack
Orphan ctrlproxy
	comaintained by: bernie
Orphan cwrite
Orphan db4o
Orphan decibel-audio-player
	comaintained by: rakesh
Orphan diffpdf
Orphan ds9
	comaintained by: mmahut
Orphan e_dbus
Orphan edje
Orphan efreet
Orphan embryo
Orphan enlightenment
Orphan epeg
Orphan evolution-sharp
	comaintained by: mbarnes
Orphan fig2sxd
Orphan fsvs
	comaintained by: wolfy
Orphan funtools
Orphan gbirthday
Orphan gdeskcal
Orphan glite-security-trustmanager
Orphan glite-security-util-java
Orphan gnome-applet-bubblemon
	comaintained by: cwickert
Orphan gnome-applet-cpufire
	comaintained by: edwintb
Orphan gnome-applet-timer
Orphan gnome-applet-window-picker
Orphan gnome-globalmenu
Orphan gnome-launch-box
Orphan gnome-netstatus
Orphan gnome-schedule
Orphan gnome-themes-extras
Orphan gnome-vfsmm26
Orphan gnubiff
Orphan gnusim8085
	comaintained by: chitlesh
Orphan gpar2
Orphan gquilt
	comaintained by: sundaram
Orphan granule
Orphan griv
Orphan gtkhtml2
Orphan gtranslator
	comaintained by: tbzatek
Orphan guile-gnome-platform
Orphan gurlchecker
Orphan gwaei
Orphan gwave
	comaintained by: tnorth
Orphan halibut
Orphan harminv
Orphan healpy
Orphan idesk
Orphan igraph
Orphan imgtarget
Orphan initng
Orphan initng-conf-gtk
Orphan initng-ifiles
Orphan inotail
Orphan itpp
Orphan jcalendar
Orphan kdetv
Orphan kdocker
Orphan kgtk
Orphan klibido
Orphan knutclient
Orphan l2fprod-common
Orphan labyrinth
Orphan libassa
Orphan libassuan1
Orphan libepc
Orphan libglfw
Orphan libgnomemm26
Orphan libgnomeuimm26
Orphan libhildon
Orphan liblicense
	comaintained by: ausil
Orphan libopensync-plugin-kdepim
Orphan liborigin2
Orphan libsoup22
Orphan libsysactivity
Orphan libvisual-plugins
Orphan link-grammar
Orphan linuxdcpp
Orphan loudmouth
	comaintained by: tjikkun otaylor
Orphan lwp
	comaintained by: nhorman
Orphan madwimax
Orphan maximus
Orphan metacafe-dl
Orphan mingw32-physfs
	comaintained by: rjones
Orphan mod_auth_mysql
Orphan mod_auth_pgsql
Orphan mod_authz_ldap
Orphan moin-latex
Orphan monotorrent
	comaintained by: dnielsen
Orphan moto4lin
Orphan mrepo
Orphan multiget
Orphan mumbles
Orphan nabi
Orphan nachocalendar
Orphan notecase
Orphan ocfs2-tools
	comaintained by: fabbione
Orphan onboard
Orphan opensaml
Orphan osiv
Orphan ots
Orphan pcmanx-gtk2
Orphan pgRouting
Orphan phoronix-test-suite
Orphan php-suhosin
Orphan picocom
	comaintained by: kevin
Orphan picturetile
Orphan pigment
Orphan postgresql-pgpool-ha
Orphan presto
Orphan procbench
Orphan proxychains
Orphan pyorbit
Orphan python-Chaco
Orphan python-Enable
Orphan python-TraitsBackendWX
Orphan python-mechanoid
Orphan python-rabbyt
Orphan python-tilecache
Orphan pyxmms
Orphan qgo
Orphan qps
Orphan qtiplot
Orphan qwit
Orphan ranpwd
Orphan rinputd
Orphan rpc2
	comaintained by: nhorman
Orphan ruby-bdb
Orphan rubygem-cobbler
Orphan rubygem-rcov
Orphan rubyripper
Orphan rvm
	comaintained by: nhorman
Orphan scantailor
Orphan scidavis
Orphan scribes
Orphan scribes-templates
Orphan scrip
Orphan secstate
Orphan seedit
Orphan sentinella
Orphan slim
	comaintained by: pertusus
Orphan smb4k
Orphan ss5
	comaintained by: itamarjp
Orphan starlab
	comaintained by: mmahut
Orphan straw
Orphan struts
Orphan subtitlecomposer
Orphan sunbird
	comaintained by: huzaifas mmahut
Orphan sx
Orphan tenr-de-styles-pkg
Orphan tilda
	comaintained by: laxathom
Orphan tinycdb
Orphan tla
	comaintained by: jzeleny
Orphan tokyotyrant
	comaintained by: deji
Orphan torium
Orphan viaideinfo
Orphan vidalia
Orphan vor
Orphan wcstools
	comaintained by: mmahut
Orphan whowatch
Orphan wifiroamd
Orphan xdx
Orphan xine-ui
Orphan xinha
Orphan xmltooling
Orphan xmms-alarm
Orphan xmms-modplug
Orphan xpa
Orphan xqf
Orphan xqilla
Orphan xsri
Orphan xtvd
Orphan xvkbd

List of deps left behind by orphan removal:

Orphan: anyterm
    ovirt-node requires anyterm = 1.1.29-9.fc15

Orphan: automake16
    sinjdoc requires automake16 = 1.6.3-18.fc13.1

Orphan: comoonics-base-py
    comoonics-cdsl-py requires comoonics-base-py = 0.1-5
    comoonics-cluster-py requires comoonics-base-py = 0.1-5

Orphan: evolution-sharp
    tasque requires evolution-sharp = 0.21.1-14.fc16
    tasque requires evolution-sharp-devel = 0.21.1-14.fc16
    tasque requires mono(evolution-sharp) =

Orphan: gnome-vfsmm26
    assogiate requires libgnomevfsmm-2.6.so.1
    assogiate requires gnome-vfsmm26-devel = 2.26.0-2.fc15
    gcdmaster requires libgnomevfsmm-2.6.so.1
    referencer requires libgnomevfsmm-2.6.so.1

Orphan: gtkhtml2
    claws-mail-plugins requires gtkhtml2-devel = 2.11.1-11.fc15
    gimp requires gtkhtml2-devel = 2.11.1-11.fc15
    gnome-python2-extras requires gtkhtml2-devel = 2.11.1-11.fc15
    gnome-python2-gtkhtml2 requires libgtkhtml-2.so.0
    gnome-python2-gtkhtml2 requires gtkhtml2 = 2.11.1-11.fc15
    gphpedit requires libgtkhtml-2.so.0
    gphpedit requires gtkhtml2-devel = 2.11.1-11.fc15
    gyachi requires libgtkhtml-2.so.0
    gyachi requires gtkhtml2-devel = 2.11.1-11.fc15
    osmo requires libgtkhtml-2.so.0
    osmo requires gtkhtml2-devel = 2.11.1-11.fc15
    ruby-gnome2 requires gtkhtml2-devel = 2.11.1-11.fc15
    ruby-gtkhtml2 requires libgtkhtml-2.so.0

Orphan: gwave
    emacs-spice-mode requires gwave = 2-18.20090213snap.fc13
    gspiceui requires gwave = 2-18.20090213snap.fc13

Orphan: halibut
    putty requires halibut = 1.0-2.20100504svn8934.fc14

Orphan: igraph
    python-igraph requires igraph-devel = 0.5.4-3.fc15
    python-igraph requires libigraph.so.0

Orphan: libepc
    glom requires libepc-1.0.so.2
    glom requires libepc-devel = 0.3.11-2.fc15
    glom-libs requires libepc-1.0.so.2
    totem requires libepc-devel = 0.3.11-2.fc15
    totem-publish requires libepc-1.0.so.2
    totem-publish requires libepc-ui-1.0.so.2

Orphan: libglfw
    hosts3d requires libglfw.so.2.6
    hosts3d requires libglfw-devel = 2.6-6.fc15
    hosts3d-sampler requires libglfw.so.2.6
    taoframework-glfw requires libglfw = 2.6-6.fc15

Orphan: libgnomemm26
    gcdmaster requires libgnomemm-2.6.so.1
    me-tv requires libgnomemm26-devel = 2.28.0-2
    referencer requires libgnomemm-2.6.so.1

Orphan: libgnomeuimm26
    cdrdao requires libgnomeuimm26-devel = 2.28.0-2.fc15
    gcdmaster requires libgnomeuimm-2.6.so.1
    me-tv requires libgnomeuimm26-devel = 2.28.0-2.fc15
    referencer requires libgnomeuimm-2.6.so.1
    referencer requires libgnomeuimm26-devel = 2.28.0-2.fc15

Orphan: libsoup22
    buoh requires libsoup-2.2.so.8
    buoh requires libsoup22-devel = 2.2.105-9.fc15
    libopensync-plugin-syncml requires libsoup22-devel = 2.2.105-9.fc15
    libsyncml requires libsoup-2.2.so.8
    libsyncml requires libsoup22-devel = 2.2.105-9.fc15

Orphan: link-grammar
    abiword requires link-grammar-devel = 4.6.7-3.fc14
    libabiword requires liblink-grammar.so.4
    libabiword requires link-grammar = 4.6.7-3.fc14

Orphan: loudmouth
    abiword requires loudmouth-devel = 1.4.3-8.fc15
    amarok requires libloudmouth-1.so.0
    amarok requires loudmouth-devel = 1.4.3-8.fc15
    callweaver requires loudmouth-devel = 1.4.3-8.fc15
    callweaver-jabber requires libloudmouth-1.so.0
    freetalk requires libloudmouth-1.so.0
    freetalk requires loudmouth-devel = 1.4.3-8.fc15
    irssi-xmpp requires libloudmouth-1.so.0
    irssi-xmpp requires loudmouth-devel = 1.4.3-8.fc15
    irssi-xmpp requires loudmouth = 1.4.3-8.fc15
    libabiword requires libloudmouth-1.so.0
    mcabber requires libloudmouth-1.so.0
    mcabber requires loudmouth-devel = 1.4.3-8.fc15
    mcabber-devel requires pkgconfig(loudmouth-1.0) = 1.4.3

Orphan: lwp
    coda requires lwp-devel = 2.6-2.fc15
    coda-backup requires liblwp.so.2
    coda-client requires liblwp.so.2
    coda-server requires liblwp.so.2

Orphan: monotorrent
    monsoon requires monotorrent-devel = 0.80-5.fc15

Orphan: ots
    abiword requires ots-devel = 0.5.0-4.fc15
    libabiword requires libots-1.so.0

Orphan: pigment
    pigment-python requires libpigment-imaging-0.3.so.11
    pigment-python requires pigment-devel = 0.3.17-3.fc12
    pigment-python requires libpigment-gtk-0.3.so.11
    pigment-python requires libpigment-0.3.so.11
    pigment-python requires pigment = 0.3.17-3.fc12

Orphan: pyorbit
    at-spi-python requires pyorbit = 2.24.0-8.fc15
    gdesklets requires pyorbit-devel = 2.24.0-8.fc15
    gnome-python2 requires pyorbit-devel = 2.24.0-8.fc15
    gnome-python2-bonobo requires pyorbit = 2.24.0-8.fc15
    orca requires pyorbit-devel = 2.24.0-8.fc15

Orphan: rpc2
    coda requires rpc2-devel = 2.10-2.fc15
    coda-backup requires libse.so.5
    coda-backup requires librpc2.so.5
    coda-client requires libse.so.5
    coda-client requires librpc2.so.5
    coda-server requires libse.so.5
    coda-server requires librpc2.so.5

Orphan: rubygem-cobbler
    ovirt-server requires rubygem(cobbler) = 1.6.1

Orphan: rubygem-rcov
    rubygem-amazon-ec2 requires rubygem(rcov) = 0.9.8
    rubygem-rake-compiler requires rubygem(rcov) = 0.9.8
    rubygem-xmpp4r-simple requires rubygem(rcov) = 0.9.8

Orphan: rvm
    coda requires rvm-devel = 1.17-3.fc15
    coda requires rvm-tools = 1.17-3.fc15
    coda-client requires librvmlwp.so.1
    coda-client requires librdslwp.so.1
    coda-client requires libseglwp.so.1
    coda-server requires librvmlwp.so.1
    coda-server requires librdslwp.so.1
    coda-server requires libseglwp.so.1
    coda-server requires rvm-tools = 1.17-3.fc15

Orphan: struts
    tomcat5 requires struts = 1.2.9-10.fc16
    tomcat5-admin-webapps requires struts = 1.2.9-10.fc16
    xdoclet requires struts = 1.2.9-10.fc16

Orphan: sunbird
    mozilla-firetray-sunbird requires sunbird = 1.0-0.33.b2pre.fc15

Orphan: tinycdb
    contextkit requires tinycdb-devel = 0.77-3.fc15
    contextkit requires libcdb.so.1

Orphan: tla
    git-arch requires tla = 1.3.5-8.fc12
    perl-Test-AutoBuild requires tla = 1.3.5-8.fc12
    perl-Test-AutoBuild-tla requires tla = 1.3.5-8.fc12
    python-vcpx requires tla = 1.3.5-8.fc12

Orphan: xine-ui
    me-tv requires xine-ui = 0.99.6-26.fc15

Orphan: xqilla
    qpid-cpp requires xqilla-devel = 2.2.4-1.fc16
    qpid-cpp-server-xml requires xqilla = 2.2.4-1.fc16
    qpid-cpp-server-xml requires libxqilla.so.5

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