Adding ~/.local/bin to default PATH

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Wed Jul 27 16:54:20 UTC 2011

On 07/27/2011 12:19 PM, Lennart Poettering wrote:
> On Wed, 27.07.11 17:40, Roman Rakus (rrakus at wrote:
>> Hi all,
>> from the discussion here, I'm tempted to revert the change. Any objections?
> Yes. I am for keeping it in, and have prepped a patch for XDG basedir to
> make it official.

 What actually is the benefit of doing this? Why does xdg need the shell
have the PATH env include this - if xdg wants to use a fixed path - then
should it not use a fixed path and not require specific PATH environment

 There seem to be 2 issues here which are being mixed up it seems to me ...

   (i) merits of putting binaries in a .local/bin area for xdg
convenience (or whatever)

  (ii) need to have that same area be in the default PATH.

 (i) does not imply (ii) at all.

 So I vote to remove it from the default shell path.


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