Installing bash-completion by default in F-16

Reindl Harald h.reindl at
Thu Jun 2 14:02:39 UTC 2011

Am 01.06.2011 22:54, schrieb Ville Skyttä:
> I'd like to have bash-completion included in F-16's default install.  In
> my opinion it's in a good enough shape for that already now, and with my
> upstream hat on I expect things to further improve before F-16 is out.
> Why I'm writing here is that I'd like to hear opinions to which
> default-installed comps group should it be added (and set as default
> there) - in my opinion the serious candidates are admin-tools and base.
>  admin-tools doesn't sound right because bash-completion is not really
> an admin tool (unless one considers interactive shell usage as admin
> activity in general), so I'm inclined to add it to base.
> Thoughts?

PLEASE do not make a basic-install larger with something what maybe for someone
nice, thats from a user which installs "bash-completion" on each machine after
setup, there are people out there using other shells and the base-setup has to
be as small as possible

it hurts me that cross-dependencies and automatically installed
services gettng larger and larger with every realease

/dev/sdb1  ext4  6,0G  1,8G  4,2G  30% /

this machine is only needed for netatalk, samba and gedit
additionally to 3 admin-guis over X-Forwarding are installed

1.8 GB is really much for that usecase and it was a hard
piece of work to get all away which is not needed

somebody will come out now and telling me that disk-space
is cheap these days without realizing that SAN-Storage is
not cheap, having 20 virtual machines on a host muliplies
the wasted space and the useless time for updates of
packages never really used is forgotten too

it's time to get a solution for soft-dependencies to get
rid of packages with additional functionality possible
not needed and the "everything should work for everybody"
out of the box thoughts are making setups big with a small
benefit for only some peopole while others are frustrated

remember: every package/software/library which is not installed
is not vulnerable!

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