Guidance on hulahop epoch usage

Peter Hutterer peter.hutterer at
Thu Jun 2 22:51:55 UTC 2011

Jeremy pinged me about an issue with the hulahop package (#574484).
Disclaimer: I'm not the maintainer of the package but Simon has been a bit
quiet on this bug. I was opened for F12 over a year ago.

hulahop had it's Epoch bumped on the F-10 branch to hulahop-1:0.4.6-5.fc10
(commit 3c3f6d12edb) to undo 0.4.7 update. That epoch bump was
limited to F-10, no other branches saw it afaict.

So anyone who ever installed the F-10 package is stuck with it. Anyone else
is still fine. Yum on my box claims the version available on f15 is indeed
the 0.7.1 currently in the repos (I never had the F-10 package installed).

What's the correct thing to do here? Just bump the Epoch again and get on
with life?


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